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Specialized in graphic and UX/UI design, such as logos and graphic illustrations for print, packaging, film, television, and the web. I was born in South Korea and studied fine art at Bellevue College. Wanting to know more about design, I attended The Art Institute of Seattle where I studied Graphic and Web Design. Currently, I got my bachelor's degree at the University of Washington as an Interactive Media Design (IMD) major.

About My Portfolio

I have studied in multiple fields of art and design. My portfolio contains full of art and design works. From those works, I want to display my diverse talent as an artist and designer at the same time.


One of my hobbies is watching YouTube in my free time. There are lots of design ideas provided by other designers. Of course, copying their design is the wrong way, but use YouTube like other design exhibitions is always exciting and much to learn from others’ ways of thinking.


My three strongest skills are fine art, graphic design, and web design. Fine art is one of my favorite things to do is go out into nature and paint and sketch what I see. It is one of my passions and helps to inspire my designs every day. It has been almost four years since I am doing graphic design along with fine art. It is always a fun field to study and visual branding is one of my favorite aspects of graphic design. Web design is also the field that I am familiar with, but I still need to develop more computer language skills like HTML or CSS. I want to be a designer who has multi-skills available on my hand.


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