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Escape Forest


UX Design
Graphic Design




A puzzle clicker game the player needs to survive the dangers from the wilderness. The game details represent resistance against fate as each action of the player changes the fate of the characters. My role during this project was user interface design and graphic design.


Woohee Lee
Eric Chen
Taishi Hayakawa
Tomina Saelee


The game is inspired by “The visitor”, I spy, Little misfortune, Air Marty. Two of these games are side-scroller 2d games that create different consequences based on the choices the player makes. The “I spy” series serves as a reference for the type of “puzzle” we want in the game. Having objects hidden in plain sight, it can change the difficulty of the gameplay.

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 3.05.23 PM.png

Game Mechanics

  • Clicking on objects: it will either add the object to the inventory space or make the object do something.

  • Click-Drag-Drop: clicking, dragging, and dropping objects from the inventory on another object on the screen will use the inventory’s object if applicable.

  • Clicking on arrows: this will change the scene so the player can explore more than 1 location

Interface & User Input

​The top left corner displays the stage number and the name of the stage. Next to it is the inventory slot which is where all the obtained objects get stored. After clicking and obtaining an object, the user clicks and drags the item they want to use in the inventory with items they want to interact with. For some items, they might be able to click and drag to another inventory item to combine and craft another item. On the right top screen is a pause button that will open a page with options like setting, level selection, and/or exit game (this might also include the stage object so the player knows how to proceed to the next stage). The question mark will either lead to a pop that shows a tutorial screenshot on how to play the game or a hint feature that helps players if they’re stuck on a stage. In the middle right and the left edge are two arrows used to switch scenes/ locations for the level. When the arrow is translucent, it means that the players have already reached the edge of the level’s map.

  • Controls: The entire game is based on a click and drag mechanic. The tutorial screenshot above shows how players progress through the game by collecting objects from the different scenes and using them to interact with characters and the environment.


  • Crafting: Based on the planned level design, we didn’t use the usual crafting system of combining inventory items with other inventory items to obtain new objects. Instead, we created a crafting system where dropping the right object at the right location will automatically craft the object intended. An example of this is the campfire in Stage 2. The player needs to first place the logs to create an “unlit campfire” which then requires matches to make it a “lit campfire” and finally a pile of leaves to add on the smoke.


  • Interactions: In both stages, the NPC animals will be holding onto keys that are required to unlock the safe and progress the game. In both scenarios, the animals require an equivalent exchange to drop the key. For the squirrel, it required an acorn why the bird required a worm. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 3.09.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 3.08.38 PM.png
Final GDD.jpg

Art Style

  • Interface: The interface was designed to have the optimal viewing screen while having a space for an inventory. With careful consideration to the level designs, we decided to position the inventory & interface buttons to the top of the screen since most objects will be found near the ground. Along with the theme of wilderness, we decided to make all of the interfaces into two distinct colors of brown to represent wood. To keep the inventory objects clear and organized, the interface was kept as a simple fill color instead of a wood textured surface to enhance the wilderness theme.


  • Objects: Since the game is centered around the wilderness, we thought of objects and items that could be found in the wilderness, we searched up some resources that could help us figure out what kind of items we can have in the game.

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