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Wing Luke Museum Virtual Exhibition


UX Design
Graphic Design
Motion Graphic




This project is the development of a custom exhibit creator that will allow the user to create custom exhibits using actual artifacts from the Wing Luke Museum. The ideal outcome will create a system that will allow users to create their exhibits, generate “tickets” and share them with others through links and qr codes that will direct them to the user’s created exhibit.


Woohee Lee
Eric Chen
Eimi Koga
Alex Vickrey

Design Intent

The intent of this project is to design a product that can bring museum visitors a new method of engaging with the museum’s content, as well as connect more to their artifacts and artwork, that typically have set meanings put behind them. Museums are seen as places to go learn from the exhibits and see them. But with museums such as the Wing Luke that primarily showcase the community and locally found stories and artifacts, the museum feels that some of the artifacts can mean different things to people, and depending on perspective, can create a whole new story. The Wing Luke Museum has always worked with community members to find stories and showcase the different artifacts based on how they connect, and our idea can additionally potentially create an opportunity for not only the users to learn about each artifact from the museum, but also for the museum to be able to learn from the community which could possibly even lead to new exhibits or information for them.

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Porject Idea

  • Interactive online sandbox experience.

  • Allows users to explore and use real artifacts from the Wing Luke Museum Collection to create their own custom virtual exhibits. 

  • Users will have the option to share and connect with the community to view all the creations being made. 

Goals & Purpose

  • To create a new and unique museum experience that is remote and accessible anywhere.

  • Expand engagement with the community outside of the physical museum.

  • Create additional membership content to support the WLM museum allow flexibility to maintain relevance, even when the museum was back open.

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Target Audience

  • Teachers:  To educate students about historical artifacts.


  • Community Members: To promote knowledge of Asian Pacific American culture.

  • Tourists:  Exploring the history and cultural background showcased in Wing Luke Museum.

  • Museum Membership Members: Supporters of the Wing Luke Museum who are interested in the content created by the museum.

User Research

  • Most participants mentioned the interactive elements and learning about new things as their favorite part of visiting a museum.

  • The biggest motivation for participants to visit museums is to find new and interesting things to learn about.

  • Most participants reacted positively to the idea of interactable artifacts and customization.

  • The majority of participants preferred a virtual space on the web,  compared to an app on mobile devices.

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Usability Test

  • Participants liked the overall project idea and approach.


  • Some participants wished that the exhibit rooms can be expanded (via connecting rooms, changing shape, and rescaling the room size.


  • Some participants wanted the ability to collaborate with other users to build in the same exhibit or a collection of exhibits.


  • Select a room template that will determine the room shape and size​


  • Choose a themed room to create a themed exhibit


  • Create their own template room based on pictures taken by the user

unnamed (1).png
  • Select up to 8 artifacts of interest at once


  • Search for themed/ categorized artifacts (not shown)


  • Create and add the user’s own artifacts (not shown)

  • Drag and drop artifacts


  • Select and easily remove artifacts


  • Select and modify/ add artifact descriptions

unnamed (1).gif
  • Find and view other user’s exhibits build through a ticket system. This includes the QR code, short URL link, social media post, and email.


  • View exhibits and leave messages/ emotes

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Competitive Analysis

  • Several museums are releasing virtual experience options due to the pandemic.


  • Museums are mostly using picture galleries and 360° street view virtual tours. 

  • Virtual museum content is relatively new and underdeveloped.

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